Hey everyone. I plan on having the next (and for a while, the last) video posted very very very soon.

Blog update: After this video, I will be primarily posting audio instead of video. I will still make videos that are requested. But with the limited time that I have, it will be more advantageous to record instead of film. I hope you all will enjoy the new format.

Have a great day/night!

I left the party at nine. The conversation was as fake as the polystyrene cups we held in our hands. I knew from the moment I arrived that I did not gain from an offering like this. I do not talk my way into love or more immediately sex. I do not pass bongs, or snort coke because I do not believe I must try these things to have a world view. I have not spent my life in a cage with soft walls and blunt knives. I have seen the world and I have seen the truth. These things do not align.
I do not love lightly, or speak crudely, I do not talk lies or fake cries for attention
I do however believe in truth, the power of words and the capacity of love. I do not believe these things come instantaneously, rather are earned over time like flavours in a vintage wine. I do believe in people and that we are capable to do more than just change the world. I believe in God because he has revealed this to me. This is why I did not enjoy the world’s wine and why I left the party at nine

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I wrote this some time ago now

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I’m back!

Hey guys/ladies, sorry I went off the radar for so long. I am planning on posting a new video very soon. Thanks for not un-following me while I got my life straightened out. You’re the best!



I’m not the only one who was crushed when I learned that the song “Who Let the Dogs Out” isn’t actually talking about the animals, but instead it’s referring to “ugly” women in the clubs, right?

excuse me while i cry

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Reblog if this will be your first apocalypse on tumblr

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i reallyreallyreally love drawing dinos, especially quick doodles. everyone who reblogs this by December 23rd at midnight EST will be getting a dino doodle (as long as they have their submit box open).


and if i see that you like a particular fandom i may even make a fandom/character dino.

ex: kankrisaurus


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Guys guys guys guys guys

Pray for this school in Connecticut. There’s a shooting going on there right now, so seriously.

Praying for everyone involved in this tragedy.

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This is tumblr so basically none of you will like this but…

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